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Heath Knakmuhs

In the lead up to what is expected to be an unprecedented gathering of back-slapping environmentalists and Administration allies in the Rose Garden next week, Synapse Energy Economics released a

Matt Letourneau

This morning, the Energy Institute released a new report detailing the impacts of EPA’s proposed ozone regulations on transportation projects in the Washington, D.C.

Stephen Eule

Kudos to Republican Senators on the Senate Environment and Public Works committee for trying to get to the bottom of the Obama Administration’s international climate pledge.

Heath Knakmuhs

The Supreme Court today began to rein in EPA's regulatory overreach by ruling that EPA must take into consideration costs when it implements rules.

Here are five must read lines from Justice Scalia’s 5-4 majority opinion in Michigan vs. EPA:

Stephen Eule

There is a new piece of analysis in the Reports section of our web page that examines the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) 

Dan Byers

The EPA is expected to finalize its “Clean Power Plan”—sweeping new regulations that aim to transform the U.S. electricity system—sometime in the next 90 days.

Heath Knakmuhs

Today a three judge panel of the D.C. Circuit held that it would not preemptively stop EPA's proposed "Clean Power Plan" before it is finalized by the EPA.

The Energy Institute is concerned about EPA’s proposed ozone regulations, which studies have found could be the most expensive regulation every implemented.   EPA’s new regulations will dramatically increase “nonattainment areas” throughout the country.

Heath Knakmuhs

The Congressional mandate to understand and safeguard the reliability of our electric grid has traditionally resided with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the individual states that regulate the generation of electricity within their borders.  Pursuant to its proposed Clean Pow


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