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    GEI calls on the federal government to prioritize America’s leadership role in developing advanced technologies—such as advanced nuclear, renewables, energy storage, high-efficiency low emissions power plants, and carbon capture and storage/utilization—and support a broad-based public and private sector research and development portfolio.

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    April 24, 2019

    Battery-Powered Innovation

    GEI’s EnergyInnovates initiative showcases American innovators, the technologies that are shaping today’s energy landscape, and the projects that are laying the groundwork for the future. In an industrial area north of San Diego, we found all three. In just six months, San Diego Gas & Electric, a
  • Letters
    March 28, 2019

    Letter to the Senate on S.J. Resolution 9

    Dear Leader Schumer: Thank you for your letter of March 13 regarding S.J. Res. 9. The Chamber shares your view that Congress should take steps to address climate change. We believe there is much common ground on which all sides of this discussion could craft real solutions. The proposed resolution
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    March 27, 2019

    Nuclear Innovation Week 2019: Promoting Industry Progress and Potential

    This week marks the Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI’s) second annual Nuclear Innovation Week , when top industry experts gather in Washington, D.C., to discuss and celebrate the international research, development and deployment of advanced nuclear technologies. This year’s event touches upon
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    March 15, 2019

    Innovation and Tech at Forefront of CERAWeek 2019

    As we look back on CERAWeek 2019 , it is once again apparent just how much the energy sector has become a high tech industry. The theme of this year’s conference, attended by Global Energy Institute president and CEO Karen Harbert, was “Silicon Valley Meets the Oil Patch.” Indeed, a glance at the
  • Letters
    March 13, 2019

    Coalition Letter for ARPA-E FY20 Appropriations

    Dear Chairman Alexander, Ranking Member Feinstein, Chairwoman Kaptur and Ranking Member Simpson, As diverse organizations interested in the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) program, we thank you for the significant funding for this vital program in Fiscal
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    March 7, 2019

    An Innovative Nuclear Solution—in a Smaller Package

    The latest installment in our EnergyInnovates series takes us to Corvallis, Oregon, home to NuScale, a company that is changing the way we think about nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is America’s largest source of emissions-free power. NuScale has developed a smaller, more mobile nuclear reactor
  • Letters
    February 27, 2019

    U.S. Chamber letter to the Senate Supporting S. 383, the USE IT Act.

    TO THE MEMBERS OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports S. 383, the bipartisan “Utilizing Significant Emissions with Innovative Technologies (USE IT) Act.” Cosponsorship of this bill will be included in the “leadership” component of the Chamber’s “How They Voted Scorecard.”
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    January 9, 2019

    Want to Know What 2019 Will Be Like For Energy? Look No Further than 2018

    Past is prologue, as they say. As we look forward to what 2019 could bring for American energy, it’s worthwhile to look back at 2018 for some hints. With that in mind, here is our “look-back preview” of eight key trends and important issues that we believe will help to shape the year ahead. American

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