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Matt Letourneau

The U.S. Department of Energy is poised to pursue major developments in energy innovation that can “make a difference in the world” due in part to a funding increase in its science programs, said Paul Dabbar, the department’s Under Secretary for Science today.

Heath Knakmuhs

As we discussed earlier this month, Energy Innovates is the Global Energy Institute’s new initiative that highlights some of the most interesting energy projects and people that are changing our energy landscape. Our first stop is an exciting project in Hoover, Alabama, that is demonstrating energy innovation and new, efficient technologies that will impact your daily life.

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—America’s rise to a global energy superpower has been driven by constant advancements in technology and innovation. Now, the U.S. Chamber’s Global Energy Institute (GEI) is launching a new initiative to highlight the advances that are improving our modern way of life.

 EnergyInnovates is a multi-platform initiative that will showcase American innovators, projects, and technologies that have shaped today’s energy landscape and will lay the groundwork for the future.

Heath Knakmuhs

While Silicon Valley is synonymous with “innovation” in our increasingly digital economy, today’s energy industry has been busy researching, developing, and building tomorrow’s future.  These advanced technologies are being implemented in cities, towns, and neighborhoods all across the country.  

To highlight the advances that are improving our modern way of life, we are showcasing  some of the most cutting edge, forward-thinking innovations around, an initiative we’re calling Energy Innovates

The safety and security of facilities, employees, and communities are extremely important to the Chamber and its members.  The Chamber’s members conduct risk 
management planning, invest in security, and believe that supporting an ongoing partnership between businesses and federal, state, and local officials is critical to ensuring facility safety today and in the future. 

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