• Improving the Consistency & Transparency of EPA Cost-Benefit Analyses

High quality cost-benefit analyses are essential to balanced and informed regulatory decision-making, especially at EPA. The U.S. Chamber has been leading efforts to improve the cost benefit analysis process at EPA to improve transparency and understanding for communities and businesses.  

On June 4, 2020, EPA proposed a rule to institute a standardized approach to estimating the potential costs and benefits of regulations proposed by the agency.

As GEI President Marty Durbin stated in response to the rule:

"Rulemakings that rely on problematic and non-transparent assumptions contribute to confusing and misleading cost-benefit information. A more open and standardized process not only makes common sense, but will enhance public understanding of the scientific and other inputs that drive EPA’s decisions, improve the integrity of the rulemaking process, and lead to better public policy."

To this end, GEI is working with partners across the business community to encourage EPA to advance this important rulemaking.

What Will the Proposed Rule Accomplish?

As outlined in the notice of proposed rulemaking, the proposed regulation seeks to help ensure that the EPA implements its analysis under the Clean Air Act (CAA) in a way that is consistent and transparent for the business community.

Official Action and Updates:

A timeline of activity on the rule is updated regularly and includes resources for more information on these actions.

· June 2020 – The EPA issued a proposal for public comment concerning processes the agency should undertake when promulgating regulations under the Clean Air Act (CAA) to ensure that information regarding the benefits and costs of regulatory decisions are developed and provided in a consistent and transparent manner. 

· May 2019 – EPA Administrator Wheeler sent a memorandum directing agency leadership to develop rules that outline how benefit-cost considerations will be applied to future rulemakings in a more consistent and transparent manner.

What They Are Saying:

Marty Durbin, President, U.S. Chamber Global Energy Institute: “High quality cost-benefit analyses are foundational to balanced and informed regulatory decision-making."

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey: “Arizona has shown that with the right balance, environmental protection and a thriving economy can go hand in hand. Today's announcement by the EPA of the proposed rule requiring benefit-cost analyses for significant Clean Air Act regulations is exactly what is necessary to strike that balance at the federal level, and I applaud Administrator Wheeler's bold action.”