• Energy Strong

America’s energy industry changes our world every day. From empowering an entire high-tech workforce, to changing the way communities develop and people go about their daily life, to providing critical aid following natural disasters, the industry’s impact is unparalleled. GEI is immensely proud of the industry’s contribution to the world around it and excited to tell their stories through a series of videos which we’ve appropriately named, Energy Strong. We hope these stories will both educate and inspire.

Community Integration

The energy industry is changing the way communities interact with the crucial infrastructure that powers their lives. These videos represent the innovative ways the energy industry is partnering with local communities to create the best solutions for everyone.

Natural Disaster Response

Hurricane Harvey, Texas Over a four day period in August 2017, the Gulf Coast was rocked by a Category 4 storm system—irrevocably changing the lives of millions of Americans. An estimated 15 trillion gallons of rain fell on the City of Houston leading to catastrophic flooding and billions of dollars in damages. In the harrowing days that followed, members of Houston’s energy industry jumped into action to help those in need.