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Stephen Eule

Yesterday, Reuters reported that crude oil exports from the United States reached their highest level since the 1920s. Using Census Bureau export data, Reuters calculates that crude shipments averaged 662,000 barrel per day in May.

Dan Byers

America is at an energy crossroads. The fracking-enabled shale revolution is rapidly transforming the nation’s energy landscape, lowering prices for consumers and dramatically reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Matthew Koch

Earlier this month, President Obama traveled around Alaska, stressing the need to move away from the use and development of fossil fuels.  He also spent time announcing new federal programs for Alaskans “to assist communities in developing and implementing solutions to address the impacts of clim

Matt Letourneau

At a time when President Obama is advocating lifting sanctions against Iran, which would allow that nation to export oil around the world, you might think that President Obama would be willing to give his own nation the same opportunity.

Radio and Internet advertising sponsored by 21st Century Energy Institute is asking U.S. Senators in Colorado, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico and Virginia to take a position in support of lifting the forty-year old ban on exporting American crude oil. 

Stephen Eule

Last week the Energy Information Administration issued its analysis on the impacts of lifting the ban on crude oil exports that has been in place since the 1975.

Matthew Koch

From CNN:  The Obama administration, citing "rigorous safety standards" and a long review process, has granted conditional approval to energy giant Shell to begin oil drilling in the Arctic w

Matthew Koch

Arctic energy development is about being farsighted about America's energy needs in the decades ahead.


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