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Dan Byers

EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) has been on quite the roller coaster ride since it was first announced in June 2014.

Stephen Eule

Heath Knakmuhs

New Report Demonstrates the Value of Our Diverse Energy Mix

Dan Byers

Fairly or not, few regions of the United States are more associated with deep and longstanding poverty as Appalachia.

Friday—September 8

See below for the latest information on Harvey’s energy sector impact.

Energy Capacity

Heath Knakmuhs

Earlier this year, the Secretary of Energy requested a report from the Department examining the nation’s electricity grid.  After months of speculation, rampant rumors, leaked drafts, and grossly premature prognostications, the Department of Energy (DOE) this week released  a report very much ref

Matthew Koch

Venezuela’s on-going political and economic crisis emphasizes the need for the United States to continue to diversify and grow its supplies of energy, particularly from our neighbor to the north – Canada.  More pointedly, it highlights the importance of expanding and building more pipelines from

Heath Knakmuhs

Lately, it seems that some environmental activists are against almost everything.  Their latest cause?  Trying to shut down air conditioning during Virginia’s muggy summer months.  Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed … thus far. 

Heath Knakmuhs

            Here at the Global Energy Institute, we have always advocated for a diverse, reliable mix of energy resources that contribute toward keeping America secure, prosperous, and clean.  A key cornerstone of that energy mix is our fleet of 99 commercial nuclear reactors that provide approxi


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