• U.S. Chamber Statement on CEQ’S Proposed NEPA Phase 2 Rulemaking

Press Release
July 28, 2023

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President of Policy, Marty Durbin, released the following statement today in response to CEQ’s proposed NEPA Phase 2 rulemaking:

“It is time to get serious about permitting reform, and this proposal is a step in the wrong direction. Despite all the momentum to enact meaningful permitting reform in Congress and supportive statements from the Biden Administration, we’re disappointed that it has proposed yet another rule that will add additional subjective permitting requirements, increase litigation risks, and slow things down. While the proposed rule does include some permit streamlining measures required by the debt ceiling agreement, it also contains provisions that would further delay project approvals for nearly $2 trillion in public investments. 

“The permitting process is already overcomplicated, takes too long, and allows for endless legal challenges. That’s why it takes an average of 4.5 years to get a federal permit through NEPA, with many projects taking far longer. Some projects never see the light of day because of permitting roadblocks. As a result, we’re missing out on opportunities to make America’s transportation systems more efficient and resilient, improve communications infrastructure to bridge the digital divide, and build energy projects necessary to meet environmental and energy security goals.”

“We will provide feedback to the Administration on this proposal, and in the meantime will amplify our Permit America to Build campaign during the August recess and beyond to ensure further congressional action on permitting reform.”