U.S. Chamber Letter on Proposed OMB Circular No. A-4 "Regulatory Analysis,"

June 6, 2023

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent the following letter on the Proposed OMB Circular No. A-4, “Regulatory Analysis,” to the Office of Management and Budget. 

Dear Administrator Revesz:

I. Introduction

The undersigned business community organizations (“Business Community”) offer these comments in response to Office of Management and Budget’s (“OMB”) April 7, 2023, “Request for Comments on Proposed OMB Circular No. A–4” and simultaneous “Request for Comments on Guidance Implementing Section 2(e) of the Executive Order of April 6, 2023.”1 The Business Community recommends to OMB that it withdraw the proposed Circular A-4 and draft 2(e) Guidance, and instead issue a revision of Circular A-4 that is limited to objective, technical updates that enjoy the wide bipartisan support that has benefitted regulatory review for decades.