• U.S. Chamber Joins Plug Power Letter on Section 45V Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit Implementation

July 25, 2023

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce joined Plug Power and —32 other organizations— in sending the following letter on Section 45V to the Biden Administration. 

“The section 45V hydrogen PTC holds enormous potential to help the Administration meet its ambitious climate targets, but we must get the details right. Plug’s technical analysis demonstrates that stringent restrictions on 45V PTC eligibility could cripple investment in the hydrogen economy and deprive hard-to-abate sectors of adequate and affordable hydrogen supplies. If the Administration pursues a flexible and balanced approach to the implementation of this tax credit, we are confident U.S. businesses will respond with historic levels of investment in hydrogen projects that will power our clean energy future,” said Marty Durbin, President, Global Energy Institute