• Marty Durbin's testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety: “Reducing Emissions while Driving Economic Growth: Industry-led Initiatives”

October 17, 2019

My name is Marty Durbin and I am the President of the Global Energy Institute, an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”). Thank you for the opportunity to testify today on industry-led initiatives to reduce emissions while driving economic growth.

The climate is changing and humans are contributing to these changes. Inaction on climate is not an option. We believe there is much common ground on which all sides of this discussion should come together to address climate change with policies that are practical, flexible, predictable, and durable. We also believe in a policy approach that considers costs, benefits, and the competitiveness of the U.S. economy. It will be largely up to the business community to develop, finance, build, and operate the solutions needed to power economic growth worldwide, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and build resilient, lower-carbon infrastructure. Thousands of businesses already are taking action in their own operations and along their value chains by investing in technology solutions and enhancing their efficiency.