Global Energy Institute Unveils American Energy: Cleaner, Stronger Agenda

Press Release
April 11, 2019

New poll shows that voters support innovation-driven investments into American energy that bolster economic growth and environmental progress

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute (GEI) unveiled its “American Energy: Cleaner, Stronger” agenda promoting continued economic growth and environmental progress through sustained focus on technology development and innovation in the energy industry.

The initiative will highlight the technologies, people, and companies making investments in our nation’s energy sector and will advocate for energy policies that further a bipartisan mission to spur innovation, lower emissions, and foster economic growth. 

An exclusive new poll of likely 2020 voters conducted by FTI Consulting released by GEI today shows that Americans overwhelmingly support an  innovation-driven “cleaner, stronger” approach over policies centered on expanded government regulation.

“The U.S. energy industry has been among the most innovative sectors of the economy, and will continue to make America cleaner and stronger,” said Christopher Guith, acting president of the Chamber’s Global Energy Institute. Energy companies are investing in innovation and technology which is making our air cleaner even while our economy and energy security are increasing.  Our  American Energy: Cleaner, Stronger agenda presents a realistic alternative to addressing energy and environmental issues that has broad bipartisan public support.”

The telephone survey of 1,000 likely 2020 voters across the United States was fielded from March 7-12.  Among the results: 

  • 73 percent of voters support a “cleaner, stronger” energy agenda that uses more American energy and continues environmental progress, compared to 21 percent of voters who support the Green New Deal.
  • 89 percent of Americans support using American’s energy resources responsibly, including domestic natural gas, oil, nuclear, coal and renewable resources. 
  • 79 percent of voters agree that the best way to address climate change is through investments into innovation and technology.
  • 79 percent of voters support streamlining or expediting the permitting process to improve, modernize or construct critical energy infrastructure like renewables, pipelines, power plants, transmission lines and export facilities.
  • Only 15 percent of voters think it is highly feasible to require all aspects of the U.S. economy to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years – including in all electricity generation, vehicles, agriculture, homes, commercial buildings and manufacturing, regardless of cost.

“Our new survey demonstrates that voters are concerned about energy and the environment, but they are also concerned about the costs and practicality of an approach to those issues driven primarily by government regulation,” said Guith. “Given the current state of technology, a regulatory approach involves significant price increases. Our focus is on developing technologies that can reduce environmental impacts and compete on price and reliability.”

In the coming months, GEI will advocate for federal policies and investments that spur research and development of energy technologies. GEI will also conduct a public education campaign, including the existing EnergyInnovates initiative, which highlights specific projects and technologies and the innovators, engineers and manufacturers behind their development. Other components include advertising, social media, live events and grassroots outreach that will reach GEI’s network of state and local Chamber allies, policymakers, civic and business leaders and voters.

To learn more about the initiative and read the survey results, visit our website.