Global Energy Institute Launches EnergyInnovates to Showcase Technology Leadership

Press Release
May 9, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.—America’s rise to a global energy superpower has been driven by constant advancements in technology and innovation. Now, the U.S. Chamber’s Global Energy Institute (GEI) is launching a new initiative to highlight the advances that are improving our modern way of life.

EnergyInnovates is a multi-platform initiative that will showcase American innovators, projects, and technologies that have shaped today’s energy landscape and will lay the groundwork for the future.

 “While consumers may not think about it when they flip the light switch, turn on the air conditioning, or even gas up their cars, the American energy industry is at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation and technology development,” said Karen Harbert, president and CEO of the Global Energy Institute. “Our goal is to put a spotlight on the ingenuity behind America’s ongoing energy revolution, especially the investments being made to find new and better ways to produce, transmit, and use energy, the foundation of our lives and our economy.”

EnergyInnovates will highlight specific innovative projects and technologies, as well as the forward thinkers, engineers, and manufacturers responsible for their development. The initiative will include facility tours and site visits, interviews, extensive digital content, and events around the nation. 

 The initiative kicks off tomorrow with a visit to Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood™, a collection of 62 homes that feature high performance energy efficient systems, cutting edge interconnectivity, and a dedicated micro-grid featuring solar, battery storage, and natural gas power supplies. The project, which is nearing completion, is a partnership between Southern Company, Signature Homes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and others. 

 Throughout the day, GEI and the U.S. Chamber will feature content from the project in Alabama, and over the next several weeks, GEI and the U.S. Chamber will take in-depth looks at the people and technologies involved in the Smart Neighborhood™ project. Additional projects, innovators, and site visits will be highlighted throughout the rest of the year.

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