Wyoming, which is the biggest net energy supplier among the states, is also one of the nation’s top natural gas producers – especially on federal lands. Energy production in Wyoming is vital to funding its education and infrastructure projects, and providing good paying jobs for state residents.

Energy Production in Wyoming

In 2019, Wyoming oil and natural gas development contributed $1.67 billion to the state economy. Wyoming’s oil and natural gas development generated a total  of $769 million for K-12 education, the University of Wyoming, and community colleges. State infrastructure received $133 million in funding from energy development in 2019. In 2019, the Wyoming oil and natural gas industry paid over $1.1 billion in total wages to in-state workers.

Energy development on federal lands is critical in supporting Wyoming’s economic growth and employment. A ban on federal leasing would therefore have potentially devastating impacts:

In 2025 Wyoming would lose $5.18 billion in GDP, $722 million in tax revenue, and over 35,000 jobs.

In 2030 Wyoming would lose $8.1 billion in GDP, $1.2 billion in tax revenue, and over 55,000 jobs.

In 2045 Wyoming would lose $11 billion in GDP, almost $1.8 billion in tax revenue, and nearly 75,500 jobs.

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