Jobs and Economy

From small businesses to the assembly line, natural gas is driving economic growth. Every day, it provides consumers and businesses with the clean, reliable, and affordable energy needed to fuel our economy.

Natural gas saves American households and businesses billions of dollars per year. American families prefer natural gas as a reliable, safe, and affordable fuel source for their heating, cooking, and more.

Natural gas creates jobs. The United States is now the world leader in natural gas production—empowering the American manufacturing industry. This industry –supported by natural gas–provides high-paying jobs across our nation and creates thousands of essential products we rely on every day, ranging from pharmaceuticals and vaccines to fertilizers and plastics.

Now more than ever, it is critical that we protect American jobs—while ensuring our ability to rely on natural gas to assist in our economic recovery.

Natural gas provides a natural economic advantage.

Quick Facts

  • Families using natural gas this winter will save 21 percent on their energy bills compared to electric heating. (Consumer Energy Alliance)
  • 51 percent of Americans report that they would rather cook with gas, which is essential for many traditional cuisines and dishes. (NAHB)
  • Using natural gas for commercial and industrial purposes saved U.S. businesses more than $500 billion over the past decade. (AGA)