National Security

Natural gas is a strategic asset for the United States. Abundant energy sources like natural gas benefit American national security by making us less dependent on foreign sources of energy.

Natural gas bolsters U.S. energy security by reducing our reliance on foreign energy. Today, rather than being relying on imports from unstable parts of the world, we use homegrown energy to meet our domestic needs. Natural gas also provides our allies with critically needed energy supplies, through gas exports that help reduce dependence on hostile and unstable regimes around the world. 

Quick Facts

  • U.S. companies provided 50 percent of Europe’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies in 2022 while Russian gas shipments to the continent dropped by half in the same year. (Politico)
  • Europe remains the main destination for U.S. LNG exports, accounting for 61% of exports in December 2023. (LSEG)