• What if...Energy Production was Banned on Federal Lands and Waters

August 24, 2016

What if energy production was banned on federal lands and waters? It would be devastating to the U.S. and particularly felt in states like Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico, as well as the Gulf of Mexico region.

This paper marks the first in a series of reports that we will be releasing this summer and fall, each taking a substantive look at what might have happened in the past – or could happen in the future – if certain energy-related ideas and policy prescriptions put forth by prominent politicians and their supporters were actually adopted. We’re calling it the Energy Accountability Series.

The Energy Accountability Series will ask the tough questions and provide quantitative, clear-eyed answers on the full impacts and implications of these policies, and it will do so irrespective of which candidates, groups or political parties happen to support or oppose them. Our hope is that these reports help promote and inform a fact-based debate of the critical energy issues facing our country. Armed with this information, voters will have the opportunity this fall to make the right choices for themselves and their families.