U.S. Chamber’s Global Energy Institute Applauds Finalization of Affordable Clean Energy Rule

Press Release
June 19, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Christopher Guith, Acting President of the U.S. Chamber’s Global Energy Institute, issued the following statement regarding today’s finalization of EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule on power plants, which replaces the previous administration’s Clean Power Plan:

“The ACE rule will help continue the trend of declining electric power sector emissions while preserving America’s energy leadership and respecting the law.  We commend the Administration not only for its efforts to replace the unlawful Clean Power Plan with a regulatory framework for addressing greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector, but also for doing so by engaging with all stakeholders in a thorough and collaborative process.  While we will thoroughly review the final text, we are particularly pleased that the final ACE rule establishes guidelines emphasizing cooperation with states and encouraging the deployment of innovative technologies and practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants in a manner that is practical, achievable, and consistent with the Clean Air Act.

“The Chamber believes that the global climate is changing and that human activities contribute to those changes.  Inaction on climate change is not an option, and policies to address it must be practical, flexible, predictable and durable. If consistent with these criteria, the ACE rule represents an important step by the Administration, working with states, and the private sector to lower greenhouse gas emissions."