• U.S. Chamber's Durbin Commends EPA's Decision to Retain Current Ozone Standards

Press Release
July 13, 2020

Marty Durbin, President of the U.S. Chamber’s Global Energy Institute, issued the following statement today regarding the Administration’s latest review of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone:

“While we will review the proposal in detail over the coming weeks, we commend EPA’s timely decision to retain the current ozone standards in accordance with the recommendations from staff and the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee. This decision reflects the considerable progress the United States has made to improve air quality and reduce emissions, including a 40 percent reduction in ozone-related emissions since 1990. This progress has occurred even while the U.S. economy, population, and energy use has grown, which is a testament to the successful collaboration between the EPA, states and industry to adopt cleaner technologies while maintaining economic growth. We look forward to continued progress as technology continues to improve.” 

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