• U.S. Chamber Statement on the Biden Administration's Proposed Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Standards

Press Release
August 5, 2021

Dan Byers, Vice President of Climate and Technology for the U.S. Chamber's Global Energy Institute, issued the following statement today in response to the Biden Administration's proposed vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions standards.

“The Chamber believes that our clean energy future is dependent on a vibrant, healthy auto sector that can plan for and invest in the technologies necessary to accelerate progress on emissions reductions and continue building safe and affordable vehicles for American consumers. As manufacturers continue to address ongoing challenges related to supply chain disruptions and pandemic-driven market uncertainties, the need to advance a harmonized, flexible, and achievable rulemaking that preserves a unified national auto market is more important than ever.

“We look forward to reviewing the proposal with our members in more detail, and will continue to stress the importance of a balanced approach that considers market and technological realities, provides regulatory certainty for auto manufacturers and the supply chain, and accelerates both emissions reductions and vehicle electrification. Moreover, in order to realize successful implementation of these standards, the Chamber is working to ensure passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act, which would provide historic funding for the buildout of electric vehicle charging stations and related infrastructure.”