• U.S. Chamber Letter on Clean Water Act Hearing

September 17, 2019

Dear Chairwoman Napolitano and Ranking Member Westerman:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce appreciates the Committee holding the hearing, “The Administration’s Priorities and Policy Initiatives Under the Clean Water Act.” The Chamber is committed to proactively working with legislators, regulators, and stakeholders alike to ensure that the Administration implements and enforces all relevant policies and procedures in accordance with Congress’s intent when enacting the Clean Water Act (“CWA”), as this is a key priority and essential to building economic prosperity and growth for our member companies and the communities where they operate.

Today’s hearing addresses a number of issues important to the business community, and is aligned with the Chamber’s Business Task Force on Water Policy principles. When it comes to water policy, as detailed in the attached document, the Chamber supports increased and sustained funding and expanded opportunities for financing, regulatory flexibility and efficiency of service, resilience, small communities and small business needs, and technology innovation.