Pennsylvania Energy Profile

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Pennsylvania has historically been one of the country’s most important energy producers. It is home to the world’s first commercial oil well, first commercial natural gas well, and the nation’s first commercial nuclear power plant.

Pennsylvania’s oil and natural gas industry has long been a vital part of local communities across the Commonwealth, providing jobs and economic growth. Growth in natural gas has accelerated in recent years due to innovations in oil and gas extraction. Using hydraulic fracturing technology, the number of wells has increased to 14,599 over the past ten years, with 8,260 still under development. The Keystone State is home to both the Marcellus Shale formation, which covers much of the state and has been producing since 2004, and the Utica shale formation in the northwest corner, which began producing in 2012. This access to natural gas has resulted in significant new opportunities and infrastructure plans, including pipelines, processing plants, manufacturing and a resurgence of the steel industry.

Pennsylvania also ranks among the nation’s leaders in coal production and consumption, and is a major nuclear power generator. Energy is driving the state’s economy, which has a promising future unless government restrictions get in the way.

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  • The energy sector employs 142,586 people, or 2.6% of all jobs in the state.

  • By 2020, shale energy extraction could bring an additional 220,635 jobs and $26.7 billion in economic growth to the state.

  • In 2012, Marcellus shale production made Pennsylvania the fastestgrowing natural gasproducing state.

  • The average annual wage for an energy job in Pennsylvania is more than 60% higher than the average wage for all occupations.

Pennsylvania by the Numbers

  • 6th
    Highest share of US GDP (3.9%)
  • 6th
    Highest Total Population
  • 4th
    Highest Coal Production
  • 19th
    Highest Crude oil Production
  • 2nd
    Highest Electricity Production
  • 3rd
    Highest Energy Production
  • 3rd
    Highest Marketed Natural Gas Production
  • 2nd
    Highest Nuclear Power Production
  • 17th
    Highest Renewable Electricity Generation
  • 34th
    Most Affordable Retail Price for Electricity