Ohio Energy Profile

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Ohio is a national leader in energy production and as a result, is also home to several blossoming supply chains that support state-based energy industries, including coal, oil and gas, nuclear, and renewable energy.

Ohio’s energy development, specifically the oil and natural gas revolution in the Utica Shale, has brought several positive and lasting economic benefits to the Buckeye State. Ohio’s vast natural resources and centralized location prompted new plans for a natural gas-fired power plant in Middletown – a project that would represent an investment of more than $500 million, bring more than 400 jobs to Butler County and, once operational, generate enough power to supply approximately 400,000 homes.

Energy isn’t just an important contributor to Ohio’s economy and source of revenue for local governments – Ohio families are also directly benefiting from reduced energy costs around the state and the steady growth of jobs in shale energy production. As Ohio continues to revolutionize the way we harness and consume energy, it is imperative that the state lead the nation with environmental regulations based on science and sensible severance tax and energy efficiency policies.

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  • 3.6% of the state’s jobs, or 189,753 of total 5,282,900, are in shale-related industries.

  • By 2020, shale energy extraction could bring an additional 143,595 jobs and $18.0 billion in economic growth to the state.

  • The average annual wage for an energy job in Ohio is 80% higher than the average annual wage for all occupations ($75,900 compared to $42,244).

  • Shale energy development has meant $60 million in energy savings for Ohio schools, enough to employ 700 teachers. Taxpayers saved $10.2 million, or enough to employ 158 state workers.

Ohio by the Numbers

  • 7th
    Highest share of US GDP (3.9%)
  • 7th
    Highest Total Population
  • 11th
    Highest Coal Production
  • 18th
    Highest Crude oil Production
  • 8th
    Highest Electricity Production
  • 18th
    Highest Energy Production
  • 19th
    Highest Marketed Natural Gas Production
  • 18th
    Highest Nuclear Power Production
  • 45th
    Highest Renewable Electricity Generation
  • 27th
    Most Affordable Retail Price for Electricity