New York Energy Profile

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NET EXPORTER of electricity

New York is a top energy consuming state due to its population. Per capita energy consumption and energy intensity, however, are among the lowest in the country due to the widespread use of public transportation in New York City and as a result of low energy intensity business sectors.

As a top electricity producer, New York depends on natural gas, nuclear power, and hydroelectric power for its electricity generation. Not surprisingly, the commercial and residential sectors are the largest consumers of energy. New York Harbor is the Northeast’s largest hub for petroleum products, but the state produces only small amounts of crude oil and no coal. New York is the largest producer of hydroelectricity east of the Rocky Mountains, but the state’s new renewable generation is from wind. Despite a significant amount of recoverable natural gas in the Marcellus shale formation, a 2008 state moratorium on hydraulic fracturing has prevented significant gas production.

A strong domestic energy sector not only secures our country’s energy future, it boosts our economy and creates high-paying jobs. Smart, sensible policies that encourage new growth and innovation in energy will benefit us all and usher in a new and longlasting era of energy abundance

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  • New York is home to the 4th largest hydroelectric power plant in the country, and the largest in the eastern U.S.

  • By 2020, shale energy extraction could bring an additional 74,007 jobs and $8.2 billion in economic growth to the state.

  • New York Harbor, at the mouth of the Hudson, is the Northeast’s largest hub for petroleum products. Its storage capacity is more than 75 million barrels.

  • The oil and gas industry in New York supports about 270,000 jobs.

New York by the Numbers

  • 3rd
    Highest share of US GDP (3.9%)
  • 3rd
    Highest Total Population
  • 26th
    Highest Coal Production
  • 26th
    Highest Crude oil Production
  • 7th
    Highest Electricity Production
  • 22nd
    Highest Energy Production
  • 22nd
    Highest Marketed Natural Gas Production
  • 4th
    Highest Nuclear Power Production
  • 4th
    Highest Renewable Electricity Generation
  • 48th
    Most Affordable Retail Price for Electricity