• March 19, 2018

    Seamless Integration: The Future of Energy Infrastructure and Local Communities

    Colin Finnegan

In the past, balancing necessary energy infrastructure with the needs of the community caused tension. Today however, the energy industry’s continued innovation has ushered in a new generation of industry projects that are fully integrated with the communities they call home.  

To highlight this trend, GEI is proud to unveil the newest collection in our Energy Strong video series; vignettes that explore the various ways in which the energy industry is focused on enhancing seamless and proactive community integration.

Our inaugural video took us to Holland, Michigan, home of the Holland Energy Park and a perfect example of industry-community integration. From an on-site education center to fully integrated snow melt system, the Holland Energy Park, with the help of Siemens, has become a hallmark of the local community. 

Stay tuned for more Energy Strong videos in the coming months!