Montana has more than big skies — it is also a key domestic supplier of energy. Energy development in the state keeps energy prices low, supports thousands of jobs, and contributes billions of dollars to the state economy. 

The benefits of natural gas for Montana

Oil and natural gas development contributes $6.4 billion in economic benefits to the state economy. In 2019, oil and natural gas development in Montana accounted for nearly $30 million in revenues disbursed by the federal government back to the state. Natural gas supports approximately 11,500 jobs in the state. Montana has received more than $646 million in conservation funding from oil and natural gas development since 1965.

Approximately 30% of Montana is federal land. With so much of the state’s energy production occurring on federal lands, a federal leasing ban would be devastating to Montana’s economy:

In 2025 Montana would lose $190 million in GDP, $93 million in tax revenue, and 1,100 jobs.

In 2030 Montana would lose $320 million in GDP, $146 million in tax revenue, and nearly 1,800 jobs.

In 2040 Montana would lose $462 million in GDP, $203 million in tax revenue, and more than 2,500 jobs.

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