John Collier: Natural gas should remain cornerstone of Texas energy policy

Everyone in the U.S. has benefited greatly from the shale revolution. Without it, we would have remained energy dependent and the world’s largest importer of oil. We would have certainly become a large importer of liquid natural gas from OPEC+ countries. Abundant, low-cost American gas has lowered the cost of living for all citizens and has improved our competitiveness in the world economy. Shale gas has led to a rejuvenation of manufacturing and many foreign companies are escaping high energy costs abroad to invest within in the United States.

According to a report prepared for the Department of Energy, CO2 emissions in the U.S. power sector have decreased over 33% since 2005, while natural gas-fired electricity has increased by 108% during the same time. This is largely due to clean-burning natural gas replacing coal-fired power plants.