• Forestry Association of South Carolina | Public Comments

July 15, 2020

As the president and CEO of the Forestry Association of South Carolina, I would like to voice my support for the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposal to increase consistency in considering of benefits and costs in future rulemakings under the Clean Air Act. It is paramount that federal regulatory review be conducted in an objective, dispassionate manner to determine whether they are likely to produce more good than harm. This proposal will promote accountability among regulators and enforce transparency on any new regulations that might impact the cost of doing business for our members.

The Forestry Association of South Carolina https://www.scforestry.org/about-sc-forestry-association.htm supports the landowners, professionals, and companies that make up South Carolina's $21 billion forest industry by promoting sustainable forest development, use of wood products and working forests. Since our industry relies on the health of this state's natural resources, we understand and respect the need for regulations that protect them.