Energy Industry Coalition Letter to USTR on Chinese Tariffs

June 17, 2019

Dear Ambassador Lighthizer:

We, the undersigned, write today on behalf of a broad range of U.S. energy interests to oppose the proposed modification of action of another tariff of up to 25 percent on the 4th tranche of imports from China valued at $300 billion. The existing tariffs are already negatively affecting American companies and the proposed tariffs will further exacerbate these negative impacts. Those impacted include American companies with energy interests, including technology and service providers in the energy efficiency, energy storage, demand response, information technology, manufacturing, natural gas, renewable energy and sustainable transportation sectors.

The existing Section 301 tariffs on imports from China are having a harmful impact on domestic clean energy industries – affecting a range of raw materials, components and products. These industries support over three million jobs in the U.S. today and are poised for significant growth in the years ahead, provided they have stable market conditions.