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Dan Byers

This week marks National Clean Energy Week (NCEW), an annual event celebrating American energy innovation helping to create jobs, strengthen America’s national security and preserve the environment.

Heath Knakmuhs

One of our most popular annual features is our state-by-state comparison of electricity prices.  As in past years, we base our electricity rate map upon the most recent full year price data released by the

Heath Knakmuhs

Without question, solar is a beneficial and growing component of America’s secure and diverse energy future.  In fact, miraculous advancements in technology have continued to reduce the costs of electricity generated from the sun, spurring a

Heath Knakmuhs

Over the past few months, we have demonstrated how outdated net metering policies shift grid costs away from customers with rooftop solar panels to those without such installations.  Due to this cost shift, utility regulators in states such as Maine, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere are reexamining their net metering policies to reduce the inequitable cost shifting perpetuated by antiquated net metering policies. 

Heath Knakmuhs

Should you care about net metering?  Whether you are interested in solar energy or not, the answer is YES. 

Installation of solar on residential homes is gaining in popularity.   “Private solar” is the term used for those shiny solar panels that are popping up on residential rooftops. 

Heath Knakmuhs

What is the fastest growing source of renewable energy in America?  Is it all those windmills dotting the plains?  Is it the new geothermal resources harnessing the Earth’s heat from deep below our feet?  Or is it the wealth of hydroelectric power that provides a dispatch-able, dependable, resour


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