Advertising Asks Senators to Lift Ban on Exporting Crude Oil

The Energy Institute is building support for lifting the ban on oil exports by launching a major new advertising campaign directed toward key U.S. Senators.  Radio and digital advertising is now running in Colorado, Indiana, Montana, Virginia and  New Mexico encouraging residents to contact their Senator and urge him to vote in favor of legislation to lift the ban.  Senators Bennet, Donnelly, Tester, Kaine, Warner, Heinrich and Udall are undecided on this issue.

Radio Ad Script:  

Forty years ago, the US banned the export of our own oil. Today, we are the world’s largest producer -- yet the ban remains.

Russia can sell its oil, Venezuela can sell its oil, and now with the President’s new deal with Iran,
even Iran will be able to sell its oil.

Keeping American energy on lock down is not only unfair -- it is hurting our economy.

Visit to tell your Senator that it’s time to unleash our energy and lift the ban on oil exports.

Click on a state to listen to the radio ad: 

Digital Advertising Example