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Matthew Koch

“Infrastructure Week” is a series of events this week put together by a coalition, including industry and labor, focused on raising awareness about the need to build better infrastructure for our country. At the U.S.

Stephen Eule

A group calling itself Corporate Accountability International is waging a campaign to evict observers like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Their sin? Looking out for their members.

Stephen Eule

Since President Obama has left office, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for retrospective “Mind the Gap” analysis to see where we stand with the Obama Administration in the rear-view mirror.

Dan Byers

Have you heard the good news about the excellent state of U.S. air quality? Chances are, you haven’t. In fact, chances are more likely that you’ve heard something of the opposite—glum stories of smoggy skies and unhealthy air constantly under threat from industrial pollution and SUVs.

Dan Byers

An important debate is taking place in Arizona over the future of one of the country’s largest coal plants, the Navajo Generating Station (NGS).

Dan Byers

My three year old son is nothing if not confident. Wanting to hold serve with his older brother, he backs down from nothing. No matter the task at hand, “I can do it!” is his starting proposition. Successfully put a straw in his juice box? Count to 30? Put on his socks?

Heath Knakmuhs

There certainly has been a plethora of dramatic reporting on last week’s “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” executive order signed by Pres

Stephen Eule

My colleague Dan Byers summarized some of the really big stuff in President Trump’s sweeping


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